Custom Bikes

Here are our/your Custom Bike, Harley customized, improved, made ​​unique in style and performance. The attention to detail is always maximum, we are always looking for new solutions to amaze with each new custom.


Owner: Fiorenzo. 883 del 2008.

The “Boatster”

Owner: Paolo. Sportster 1200 Roadster del 2005.

The real 100th anniversary…or as it should be

Owner: Marco. Sportster hugger 883/1200 del 2003.

’03 Harley-Davidson xlh Sportster 883/1200 100th anniversary edition revisited as older Sportster models from the 90’s, most probably the nicer color from factory in those years.

Vintage Gypsy

Owner: Andrea. Dyna Streetbob 1450 del 2006.

Bella S…….a

Owner: Pezza. Sportster Sport 1200 del 2002.

Double Shot

Owner: Simone. Sportster Hugger 883 del 1997.

Exhaust hand made TIG welded, seat holder made ​​from the tail end of a knucklehead rear wing, racing air filter made ​​of cast aluminum, firestone tires, floating brake discs, polished engine cases, handlebar with handlebar controls and custom headlight with small dish amber. Painted with black and white stripes, original petrol tank decal with VL by 1933.

Hand Granade

Owner: Martins. Dyna Superglide del 1997.

Bad Hair

Owner: Filipp. ’66 FLH chopper.

Engine and transmission Panshovel on straight leg rigid frame Panhead, Superglide front end with front wheel hub from small chopper 60s and rubber Avon speedmaster. Rear tire firestone, platforms Anderson, Flanders buckhorn handlebars, carburetor S&S Super B, ironhead sportster fuel tank, belt drive discovery and many other parts in original condition.

Nino bike

Owner: Carol. Sportster Standard 883 del 1998.

Small tank with decorative plaques speed wing, short section of a bobtail rear fender with chrome edging, handmade handlebar with handlebar controls and levers custom shortened. Hotrod by firestone tire to the rear wheel and avon speedmaster on the front, axle stylish headlight and chrome covers for the fork legs. Brushed motor with mufflers drag pipes and air filter from Easyrider Japan.


Owner: Enrik. Sportster Custom 1200 del 2000.

VBS Mitinghee

Owner: Emanuele. Softail Night Train 1450 del 2004.

Fisherman’s friend

Owner: Iacccopo. Dyna Superglide 1450 del 2003.

Country Ginoss

Owner: Gino Ginello. Sportster Sport 1200 del 2000.

Non Sons Langels

Owner: Massimiliano. Softail Heritage del 1995.


Owner: Alessio. Softail Fatboy 1340 del 1997.

Bonneville Bullet

Owner: The Invisible Owner. Sportster Standard 883 del 1989.

Exhaust handmade stainless steel TIG welded, seat holder handmade, racing air filter made ​​of cast aluminum, firestone tires, engine casing satin, custom handlebars with handlebar controls. Petrol tank original glazed with decal sportster classic but with added racing. Engine displacement increased to 1200 cc, Wiseco pistons, adjustable pushrods and Mikuni 42.

Precision Machine

Owner: Sig. Precisino De Perfettinis. Softail Night Train 1450 del 2002.

Steering type fatboy lowered handlebars handmade with custom handlebar controls, rear fender brushed metal obtained from the tail section of a fender flathead, front and rear tire firestone avon speedmaster, floating brake discs Harley, headlight knucklehead with amber glass and fuel tank from peanut sportster aged white with emblems from ’51 panhead -’54.

Tinaghly racing

Owner: Mr Caciotti. Sporster Custom 1200 del 1998.

Golden State

Owner: Emiliano. Softail Standard 1340 del 1999.

Too drift on the peak

Owner: Al Capone. Sportster Hugger 883 del 2005.


Owner: Svantze. Sportster Standard 883 del 2002.

Suburban Garage Inc.

Owner: Max Bronx. Softail Fatboy 1450 del 2003.

Shark bike

Owner: Matteo G. Sportster Sport 1200 del 2002.

Nonsoni racing team

Owner: Dimitri. Dyna Superglide 1340 del 1997.

Play in the dirt

Owner: Paola. Sportster 883 Hugger del 2003.

Soul never die

Owner: Jacopo. Dyna Superglide 1340 del 1998.

Narrow ass

Owner: Massimo. Softail Standard 1340 del 1999.

Swedish trouble

Owner: Lorenzo. Sporster Hugger 883 del 1996.

Bay Area Dyna

Owner: Big Lorenz. Dyna Wide Glide 1340 del 1997.

Mr. Iziway

Owner: Luca. Dyna Street Bob 1450 del 2006.

Mauro Madsen on Wheels & Rebel Duck

Owner: Andrea “Mauro” “Marchino”. Sportster Hugger 883 del 1996.

Iron butt

Owner: Matteo. Softail Standard 1340 del 1999.

Faster Black

Owner: Marco. Softail Night Train 1450 del 2002.

The “Pikes Peak Drifter”

Owner: Simone. Sportster Hugger 883 del 2005.

Shinkansen Express

Owner: Matteo C. Softail Fat Boy 1450 del 2000.

Rusty Popeye

Owner: Alberto (Cammellino). Heritage Softail 1340 del 1994.

Iron Phoenix

Owner: David. Sportster Roadster 1200 del 2004.

Rats’ nightmare

Owner: Massimiliano. Softail Heritage 1340 del 1997.

The “Blacksmith”

Owner: Simone. Softail Custom 1340 del 1991.

Come una volta

Owner: Stefano. Softail Springer 1450 del 2002.

Cinquanta e Cinquanta

Owner: Cristina. Sportster Hugger 883 del 1997.

Burning Bobber

Owner: Matteo. Softail Standard 1340 del 1999.

Burning Love

Owner: Paola. Sportster Hugger 883 del 2003.

Too Fast For Love

Owner: Matteo. FXR Sport 1340 del 1992.

One Week Softail

Owner: Matteo. Softail Standard 1340 del 1999.

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